Red Light, Green Light, remember Squid game right?

Thankfully, it’s only a movie, but there are a series of messages we can learn from the short series, one of which is about the consequences of bad financial decisions. 

Here are some financial insights we could learn:

1. Always Pay off Your Debts: 

If you are in debt, your major focus needs to be settling those debts instead of acquiring more or spending money on other things. If you constantly stay in debt or runway from your financial obligations, there’s no way you will be able to focus on building your wealth.

2. Manage your Risks and play the middle: 

Like the popular saying, Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. One of the best strategies in life is to play in the middle. This usually works especially when it comes to minimizing risk. Look for ways to grow your money in other investment options.

Zimvest offers a variety of these investment options like Treasury Bills, Stocks, Bonds, Eurobonds, etc and they are available for you in quick easy steps.

3. Say no to Get Rich Fast Schemes: 

If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably a bad idea. Before making any financial commitment, always do your research first. Invest wisely and say no to schemes that promise unrealistic ROI on investments!

4. Build a Good network & Work Smart

In the squid game, you can see moving fast is not as effective as moving smartly. At the point when you realize moving quickly is not working, stop and re-strategize. Make good connections with people with diverse backgrounds and skills. Make sure each person in your team knows what they are doing and are driving towards accomplishing your objective.

Even when they know they could lose their life, many of them still come back to play the game, and that’s because they were determined to clear their debts. The glass game also taught us to learn from other people’s mistakes and make informed decisions from those mistakes.

5. Avoid Guessing Games: 

In real life, you don’t always have too many chances. As much as possible pick your battle carefully. The choices you have could be in form of your profession, education, investment options, or even the food you eat. Carefully stay away from anything where the result is too subject to karma.

You don’t need to watch Squid Game to ponder your debt if you have any. 

Right now is an ideal time to deal with your finances and don’t gamble with the little resources that you have. If you ever need to take the risk you need to know your risk level and ensure that whatever risk is worth taking is calculated.

Keeping a huge amount of money in low-interest savings can be affected by inflation. But investing can help you overcome inflation and build wealth simply. 

Squid Game has shown that the choices you make now will determine your future. So now is the right time to budget your expenses and start investing your money.